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Reunion Island

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Welcome to La Maison Du Piment, your online store of rare and extreme chilli peppers !


Welcome to La Maison du Piment, the online reference shop of a wide variety of fresh chilli seeds carefully selected by hand.

By visiting our online collection seed store, you will find varieties from all over the world, wild, modern hybrids, rare varieties but also “house” creations like “La Fournaise”.

Why choose La Maison du Piment ?


At La Maison du Piment, our experience and our great passion for peppers allow us to provide you with the most exclusive genetics you will find on the planet. We are a team of local growers and gardeners whose invaluable knowledge and skill allow us to serve you in the best way. Each member of our staff is committed to the same goal - your success!

At La Maison Du Piment, we grow our own peppers in the volcanic soil of Reunion. As a result, it means that each seed you receive will have been carefully selected to ensure optimal quality and the freshness of our seeds will guarantee a high germination rate.


What makes us so different?

La Maison Du Piment is home to the world's most extreme peppers varieties. Our pepper species are all natural and are among the most sought after species on the world markets. We export our products worldwide at unbeatable rates.

We are also proud to offer the cutest chili pepper in the world, the Aji Charapita, which is also one of the cheapest on the planet. It is a rare and valuable species of wild pepper of the size of a pea. Bright and fruity, it gives a nice tropical touch to hot sauces and will accompany your meals with finesse.

The geographical area where we are located has a tropical climate conducive to the development of peppers. To develop, chillies need heat, and the island of Reunion has a favorable environment for these plants to give fruits throughout the year.

Each of our chilli products comes with a guarantee of :

  • Highest level of freshness

  • Fast and free delivery (free in France & DOM)

  • Refined selection of hand-picked pepper seeds


What makes our products unique?


In addition to our multi-flavored pepper species, we also offer our flagship product - Carolina Reaper Sauce, one of the most extreme hot sauces on the market and one of the tastiest you'll find in the world. Our entire collection of extreme sauces is handmade using the finest ingredients and fully ripe fruit to ensure maximum flavor and strength and therefore a refined product.

La Maison Du Piment is a family business based in Reunion. The love of chilli has been passed on to us by our ancestors for several generations. We are always doing our best to expand our range of chilli seeds and derivatives.

Our product range also includes seed storage tubes designed to safely store and store seeds, as well as goodies like our company. You can also get the most out of our "sprouting powder" to germinate the toughest peppers like the Carolina Reaper. This product has been rigorously tested to attest to its quality and its high success rate.

Please check our website for regularly updated species and varieties. Our selection of peppers will leave you speechless!

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What our customers think

Max S******R

4 mois plus tard je récolte enfin mes premiers piments ! Le Carolina Reaper est fort du feu de Dieu depuis le temps que je le voulais 1000 merci !!!!!! J'en avait déjà commandé par le passé sur un autre site mais rien n'avais germé !
A bientôt !

Pierrick P******T

Fabuleux ! Produits originaux, service efficace, que du bonheur (et de la chaleur !)

Didier D*********E

bonjour , mardi j'ai reçu ma Pepper box , une nouveauté de la maison du piment qui va apporter une touche de fraîcheur pour les consommateurs et collectionneurs de piments résidant hors Réunion (je suis dans le Var en métropole)
Alors le tout est arrivé bien emballé et tout les piments étaient comme si ils venaient d'être ramassés , signe de fraicheur évidente!!!

David G*****N

Équipe extrêmement sérieuse... livraison et délai impeccable...